My first taste of edible insects


I’ve heard of some people consuming insects in the past.  When I was around 6 or 7 years old, I’ve heard of stories of some people in the Philippines that in the nearby provinces, they do eat beetles.  They normally add coconut milk and some vegies in it.  Back then… I know I really have try those one day.

Walking in the streets of Pattaya Thailand, I came across a seller of these edible insects.


In the menu, there are small and big grasshoppers, small frogs, scorpions, some kind of worm looking maggots(No shit!).  How it’s prepared? Well…..the seller fries it again, and add some sort of mixed chilli powder.

I tried the grasshopper first.  Boy it tastes good!!…Feels like pieces of chicken skin with little meat in it.  crunchy…. love the texture… But the scorpion, please ignore my smile, I didn’t like it at all.  Taste weird, kind of bitter and… feels like…you know when you kind of stepped into an insect, and that oozy thing coming out of it?  Yeah that’s the feeling.  Not going to try scorpion again.  Didn’t bother trying the maggots either, maybe next time.



Anyway, I really love the grasshoppers.  I did came back to that same seller the next day.  If I do have the opportunity again to come to Thailand, will definitely get more of those… might try the beetles and worms or maggots next time 🙂

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