Hot Spring experience in Lembang, Indonesia

Indonesia is well within the Ring Of Fire, it’s no doubt that the country has some really good natural hot springs.

While on vacation in Bandung, a friend of mine recommended that we go and visit some hot springs… I was pretty excited… this would be the first…

Maribaya Natural Hot Spring Resort

So we headed to Lembang area, first impression was… the place looks good… the entrance.. all looking new…a local friend of mine told me that the place is not longer state or government owned… it has been privatised.


After entering, we decided to go for the VIP hot spring. Although it is much more expensive (Rp 90.000), but the place is way better and they have 4 “private pools”.  The public pool is very small and way to open and makes us looked like an attraction.

Other than the hot spring, the scenery is beautiful and natural. There are few waterfall around the complex, with the biggest one by the end of the complex is exceptionally good and they also prepare a photo spot by the tree.

Other than that, not much else to do but to enjoy the cool weather and natural surrounding. They have some fun activity like giant billiard and chess, animal farm with rabbits, but not so interesting compared to the hot spring and waterfalls.

Located at the height of Lembang, the hot spring is very good to be enjoyed in the morning according to my local friend as there is not much people coming.

Contact: +62 22 82782228
Suggested Duration: More than 3 hours
How to get there: You can either rent a private car or get a taxi.


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