A visit to the Great Wall of China – Juyongguan(居庸关)

I’ve known the great wall as a young kid…. probably even before I reached 10 years of age…. I’ve always been fascinated of ancient structures… the great wall is a dream come true for me… looking at this place makes me wonder how the people in the ancient times lived and died protecting the walls…. and the unimaginable effort to build to the wall.

There are a number of sections/parts of the Great Wall to visit.  When I was in Beijing, I had the opportunity to visit two of the popular sections.

Juyongguan(居庸关) — one of the greatest Great Wall forts

My first impression of the place is that, there not much people around… did see a few elderly couples hiking… The way up is not too steep… I believe this place is suitable for everybody…wheelchair friendly… well not all…not if you are going up…..

Once we reached some point… not the top unfortunately as our damn tour guide gave us only 1 hour and a half… bummer…  the views are exceptional… not something that I expected on TV.

  • Location: 60 kilometers (37 miles) from Beijing, 1½ hours’ drive.
  • Features: The closest section to Beijing, it is wheelchair-friendly, so suitable for handicapped travelers. It is one of the greatest forts defending ancient Beijing. Genghis Khan once led his troops through Juyong Pass during his conquest of Chinese territory.
  • Activities: hiking
  • Typical tour time: 1½–2 hours

How to Get to Juyongguan Great Wall from Downtown Beijing

 By Bus: Chang 68
Take subway line 13 to Longze Station. Then, take bus line Chang 19, Chang 21, Chang 58, Zhuan 53, 519, or 878 to Shahe Station. Afterwards, take bus line Chang 68 to get there.

Or, you can take bus line 345, 670, 883,  889, or 919 from Deshengmen West Station to Shahe Station. Then, transfer to bus line Chang 68 to the site.

 By Train: S2
Take subway line 2, line 4 or line 13 to Beijing North Railway Station to take train S2. Get off at Badaling Railway Station, and then take free shuttle bus to Badaling Bus Station. After that, take bus 879 and get here.


Overall, the trip was amazing… I mean it may look like a bunch of walls to you… but I really have huge interest in very old things… especially things of antiquity…  It’s not what I expected though as what I’ve seen on TV or books.

But later in the day, after our trip… we learnt that there’s another section of the wall which has better views and is very popular among Chinese tourists… The place is called Badaling(岭)

We decided we should go and check that place out as the locals in Beijing highly recommended that we should visit that place…

One thought on “A visit to the Great Wall of China – Juyongguan(居庸关)

  1. Hi Jason,
    I have 2 question regarding Juyongguan Great Wall.

    1. Alight from LongZhe Station and take bus to Shahe station then change to Chang68. Can I alight at Shahe station and take Chang68 instead of LongZhe Station?
    2. Is there a link transport from Juyongguan to Mutianyu Great Wall?

    Thank you in advance


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