A surprise call

It was  24th of July 2019,  around 7 am in Singapore when I recieved a facetime call from my wife….  still drooling and not knowing what to expect…. I can barely see my wife’s face from my phone screen after I accepted the call… without saying anything….my wife showed me a pregnancy test kit…. with a very happy smile…. I saw 2 pinkish/redish lines in it….to be honest… not really sure what that means…but since she’s showing this to me…I can only assume one thing…. My wife and I are expecting a baby!! 😀

It was a moment for me…well how should I explain it…. Very happy(It did put me into tears…but need to keep my manliness intact)… a bit worried…. and excited at the same time…. At that very moment…I really wish I’m with her right now…as I’m going to be in Singapore for the next few weeks due to a business trip.

Anyway…time to read some books…or perhaps take some kind of daddy lessons… to be honest…I don’t even know where to start…. when my niece was born….I didn’t even dare to carry him….I feel like they are too soft and fragile… but when the time comes…. I need to be able to carry my baby on day 1

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